Basement windows / Best quality to thermal protection and safety

Deciding on the choice of basement windows can be challenging. According to today’s requirements for energy efficient construction and thermal insulation, the use of the basement area as a second residential area is possible almost without any obstacles. Today, the basement space can be used as an office, guest room or hobby room – without sacrificing the comforts of life!

Basement windows / The most important information in one place

  • Basement windows must comply with the current Energy Saving Ordinance.
  • KfWs should be respected.
  • Special attention should be paid to waterproofing, depending on the type and location.
  • The windows should not be too small because otherwise your extended living space will be dark and unattractive.
  • Depending on the situation and requirements, security standards for effective burglary protection must by no means be disregarded.
  • Inoutic profiles for waterproof basement windows can be found at

Expand the living space with adequate basement windows

In the past, the basement served as storage, additional space and storage. It was narrow, dark and unattractive, rarely heated and did not require insulation. It is for these reasons that basement windows have long been considered less valuable than residential windows.

Due to the growing requirements for energy efficiency and thermal protection prescribed in the Ordinance on energy saving, quality basement insulation has become the standard. This automatically gives more importance to the basement space and the basement is increasingly used as an addition to the living space. In doing so, the relevant guidelines of the Energy Saving Ordinance should be followed and the requirements of KfW Bank should be met.

Advantage of Deceuninck basement window profile systems

  • Sophisticated design for your individual style
  • Highest processing quality
  • Large selection of colors and decor
  • Deceuninck window systems meet the values of the Energy Saving Ordinance EnEV 2014
  • Burglar protection in resistance classes WK 1 and WK 2

Burglar protection should not be neglected in basement windows either. The anti-burglary protection classes WK 1 and WK 2 prevent about 85% of all burglary attempts.

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