Paint for PVC windows / Design of Deceuninc windows

Windows do not only serve as a source of light or ventilation in buildings. They have a striking effect on the appearance of the building and even shape it. Homeowners who skillfully choose the color of the windows have a significant impact on the look of their home. PVC windows made of Deceuninck profiles are available in different colors. Depending on your preferences, window frames can be covered with foil that reflects the natural look of the wood. Especially in rustic, majestic buildings, such wooden fronts look warm and indigenous. Our customers can choose from forty different colors for PVC windows and decor that can be combined with the appropriate types of windows. The offer of window paints does not apply exclusively to customers who want to realize new construction, because Deceuninck windows can be used in the modernization of old buildings and residential buildings of historical significance.

With all the variety available, we guarantee that the requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance have been met. The modern colors of the windows, the rustic facades of the building and the preservation include the achievements of today’s Energy Saving Ordinance.

The color of PVC windowsgives your home a personal touch.

Possibility of color design

The color of PVC windows is achieved through the foil that is applied to the window profile. The window frame foil is extremely hard, robust and withstands weather conditions for years. According to the requirements of our customers, it can be mounted outside, inside or on both sides. To ensure the durability of the foil, we use only materials that have been shown to be resistant to high temperatures and UV radiation in extensive tests. In order for the colors on the house to be recognizable and uniform, we also offer a foil frame for lift-and-slide doors and front doors in the same colors. Deceuninck has five different groups of window colors.

The window frame foil is applied to the white PVC profile.

Classic colors – Elegant look of wood

In this category, we show window frame foils based on a simple wood look. Nine different colors of PVC windows guarantee optimal adjustment in front of the house. For example, the window the color of golden oak and walnut exudes a natural charm, and the foil explicitly takes on a light reddish wood color and delights with impressive but subtle grains. Mahogany is a strong color for PVC windows, ideal in combination with white house facades. Its shade is clearly reddish and in the eyes of the beholder it looks completely natural. For homeowners who want a modern look, foil window frames in gray or anthracite are available.

Timeless colors – the timeless beauty of the window facade

Homeowners with a love for timeless beauty will find matching foils in the Timeless Colors category. Window colors reflect a wide range of colors – from creamy white to deep blue or red. Although at first glance the foil looks smooth, as if the window frames are freshly painted, at second glance the observer notices bright and very natural patterns. Window paint foils from the category Timeless colors are suitable for modern architectural houses, as well as for old buildings whose front side should achieve a timeless look.

Color trend – unobtrusive, decent beauty

Window paints from our Trend Colors category are based on modern trends in window design. The finely printed foils have a slight pearly structure and resemble a painted window frame. Unlike painted windows, here the foils are glued to the prepared window frame and remain there for many years. Among the trend colors, different shades of gray dominate, which subtly and decently fit into the appropriate facade of the house. Window frames with paint from this category are suitable for different types of houses. The cool and decent shades of gray are especially impressive in architectural houses or new buildings with very modern facades.

Traditional colors – window colors in a new guise

Beautiful and traditional, these are the colors of the windows that we present in the Traditional Colors category. These window foils encompass natural traditional wood colors. Fine and striking patterns are oriented towards natural wood patterns. As we cover all the traditional colors of different architectural styles and regions in this category, there is a wide selection available to satisfy every taste.

Color architecture – optimal window colors for architecturally sophisticated design

Architectural houses impress with their unusual design. The Color Architecture category contains special window colors that fit perfectly into a modern construction. In particular, high-quality foils are used in multi-layer construction, which are extremely resistant to weathering. Window foils impress with their metallic touch and shiny surfaces. As for colors, white, gray and black foils are available. The gray construction of the window corresponds to the color palette of Architecture Colors, which exists only for Deceuninck windows.

Foils or aluminum shell?

In order to get the desired color of PVC windows, until a few decades ago, it took several hours of painting the frame. Painting windows was then considered an inevitable process, and not only served the appearance, but guaranteed the resistance of wooden frames to weathering and prevented the penetration of moisture into the wood.

With the advent of PVC windows the possibilities were very limited. The frames were white, and gradually creamy tones appeared that brought a softer note to the frames. Even today, PVC windows are most often made of white plastic. Deceuninck offers two window color design systems: laminating the window frame with UV and temperature resistant foil or placing aluminum shells directly on the frame. Aluminum shells combine the classic look of an aluminum window with the excellent thermal insulation properties of PVC windows.

With Deceuninck PVC window colors, different surface coatings and almost all shades are possible. The interior of the window can be preserved in the classic white color, as well as foil as a decoration in color or wood. In addition, aluminum shells achieve excellent dimensional stability. However, this solution is more expensive than cleaning window profiles with foil. Both options can also be used for door entrance profiles. The difference compared to wooden frames is that aluminum foils are durable and extremely resistant to weather conditions, no painting is required, and energy rules are preserved.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a color?

The choice of colors of PVC windows depends on the appearance of the house. But in some places there are building regulations that must also be followed. Just as the color of roof tiles is usually determined by the development plan, the regulations on window colors also apply. To make sure that the selected color is allowed, we recommend that you contact the competent authority.

The second legal requirement relates to buildings of historical significance. In the modernization of old buildings or historic buildings, facades optically often cannot be changed. However, among our window foils there are enough color variants that are suitable in relation to the listed buildings.

Environmental protection for PVC windows

Deceunink’s plastic windows are based on common environmental regulations. Our windows are made of high quality PVC, which is 100% recyclable after removing the windows. Because Deceunink windows provide optimal insulation and prevent space cooling as well as heating during the summer months, they significantly reduce energy consumption. In addition, our window profiles in all colors combined with triple glazing can be used to make passive house windows – simply and economically.

The right path to the right window color?

On our website, we have provided our clients with a window and color configurator to select windows in the desired color. The configurator allows you to quickly and easily simulate the look of a house by changing it color of PVC windows helps select the appropriate color variant. In the first step, our customers can decide whether to upload a photo of their house or choose a building from our gallery that visually suits theirs. In the next step, it is possible to select the desired window. With one click you can now select different window frames and then the desired color. For example, the expression of the window frame thus obtained can be added to the construction application to facilitate approval.

Our kwindow and color configurator you can simulate a new window with the right color for your home.