Protect privacy windows

The windows provide direct access to daylight, making the rooms larger and more open. However, at some point everyone wants to close the window and prevent direct visibility. If you still do not have curtains that are related to interior design or blinds, curtains and lighting panels that darken the windows in the evening and during the summer heat, check out our offer of windows. There are a number of options to consider when buying a window.


Privacy screen with modern shutters

External privacy protection

The usual form of privacy protection for windows are blinds or shutters. Shutters are usually installed on the outside above the window frame. We offer our clients two different options for mounted roller shutter boxes: surface-mounted and external.

Surface roller shutter box

The installation of blinds basically provides privacy for windows, increased security and darkening of the room. The box is connected to the window frame and placed directly as a unit on the facade. With the help of guides, the blinds can be easily lowered. The great advantage of these elements is that they are suitable for new construction projects, but also for existing buildings. The installation is done via a bracket that is placed on the facade, and there is a closing frame on the bracket. Since blinds are suitable for all common window sizes and there is a wide range of different colors, it is possible to create a very discreet and attractive privacy protection.

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Exterior variant of roller shutters

And in this roller shutter system it is a roller shutter box that is mounted above each window. The difference in the usual shutter windows is that the box is invisibly connected. Installation takes place directly on the facade. This model is particularly suitable for new construction projects, but the outer boxes can be remarkably installed even when modernizing the facade.

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Blind box as an accessory or built-in version.

Advantage of external privacy options

Shutters offer several advantages – they are used for darkening, provide privacy protection for windows and increase the security of windows. During the summer months, shutters or blinds help maintain a constant and cool temperature in the interior, while in the winter months they reduce heating costs in the long run because additional insulation does not cause the facade to cool.

With the electric roller shutter system, it is possible to operate the window shutters. Sensor-controlled systems adapt to the position of the sun and close automatically in direct sunlight during the summer months. This reliably prevents room heating. In addition, modern shutter systems, such as oursPROTEX systems combine well with insect options.

Possibility of darkening the room has a great impact on healthy sleep. Almost no man can fall into a deep sleep in direct sunlight or under the light of a street lamp. Continuous light radiation automatically disrupts restful sleep, which negatively affects the health and ability to sleep. With a dimmer this can be effectively prevented.

A factor that should not be underestimated when installing blinds is increased safety. The lowered blind prevents direct access to the window, which often repels burglars due to the increased time required for burglary.

Susceptibility to weather conditions

Energy consultants recommend the use of blinds or shutters. Modern roller shutter systems have integrated insulation that prevents the front windows from cooling down. Even embedded systems today prevent selective cooling and mold formation by condensation formation.

Internal view protection screen for windows

Who does not decide to install blinds or additional options for darkening or protection from the view of the blind system, can find in the offer excellent options related to interior design. The most common variants in viewing protection for windows are curtains, drapes, refined blinds or adhesive foils that are glued directly to the window.

Installation of view protection for windows

Curtains can be attached to the curtain rods above the window or directly to the window frame. For heavy or sliding curtains, it is more convenient to fasten the curtains with rods above the window. Fastening is done by means of a dowel coupling, and curtain rods with clamping profiles that do not require drilling can also be used. On the other hand, window curtains are realized with simple curtain rods and an adhesive holder. The problem with this variant is that the adhesive bonds dissolve in direct sunlight and temperature differences.

However, both versions are only privacy-friendly. If the room needs to be significantly darkened, dimmers are needed (they are available in several variants).