PVC window care tips

PVC windows are extremely easy to take care of, but although they require minimal maintenance, they should be cleaned regularly and taken care of – especially the glass. Proper use will ensure long-term enjoyment of your windows.

Deceuninck recommends the following cleaning methods as needed:

1. Remove lime stains!

Avoid lime stains on profiles, glass and fittings. Both the profile and the glass of the plate can be damaged and the fittings stuck, as a result of hardened mortar residues.

2. Ventilate the room several times a day!

The inflow of cooler air lowers the relative humidity in the room, creating a healthier indoor climate. It is advisable to ventilate the living space several times a day, as relative humidity above 60% can lead to the formation of mold.

3. Do not use corrosive liquids! 

For normal cleaning of surfaces, it is best to use a mild dishwashing detergent. Do not use aggressive agents, thinner or benzine! For stubborn stains, always use special cleaners that you can buy from your window supplier.

4. Clean the outside of the window regularly!

Clean the outside of the window regularly. Pollen, but also particles of tar and iron can be burned on the surface of the window by the sun’s rays. Once such a layer is formed, it is difficult to remove

5. Lubricate the shackles!

Lubricate the fittings at least once a year to ensure easy handling at all times.

6. Attach the handles!

Loose window handles should be tightened. The screws are visible by lifting the cap under the handle, and it is necessary to turn them from the vertical to the horizontal position.

7. Maintain the seals!

Care products such as talc or silicone oil should be rubbed into the seals every six months to keep them flexible and functional. Damaged seals need to be replaced.

8. Clean the drain holes!

Periodically check the drain holes within the window. Cleanliness is a prerequisite for satisfactory drainage.

9. Clean the hinges regularly!

To prevent settling and mold, periodically check window hinges and remove dirt.