Window replacement and renovation / Greater living comfort and lower heating costs

Window renovation offers clear advantages, the most important of which are:

  • savings due to reduced energy consumption
  • improving housing comfort
  • increase in property value
  • quick depreciation based on favorable loan terms for this type of renovation and savings on heating costs.

Great look – easy and quick window replacement

Replacing old windowsis far less complicated and expensive than most people think. It is often underestimated how easy window replacement can be, but new windows are installed quickly. With a professional window specialist, window restoration is done quickly, and removal and installation is a clean job. Our photo gallery shows the most important steps in window restoration.

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Window renovation: Save on heating costs and increase living comfort with little effort.

Window Restoration / Fast, cost effective, efficient

Window replacement is the most cost-effective and technically simplest renovation solution. It is often underestimated how easy window replacement is. But new windows install quickly. This not only reduces heating costs in the long run but also raises environmental awareness. PVC windows have proven to be extremely effective and regularly take first place in environmental balance sheets. More information on this topic can be found on our Plastics and Sustainability info page.

Renovation of 15-20 year old windows allows to reduce heat loss by more than 40%. If you additionally renovate facades and roof surfaces, you achieve even greater potential savings.

The following table shows the average heat loss of older buildings and facades:


Eine sanierung der fenster zahlt sich aus

Replacing windows in detached single-family homes pays off after about eight years and offers improved comfort.


The example shown here is based on the calculation of average values for a detached family house with a window area of about 40 m2 (status: October 2010). The calculation is based on the price of fuel oil of 0.7 € per liter. Values were determined using a standardized calculation method (with acceptance of errors and omissions). If heating prices rise, your investment will pay off sooner.

Deceuninck window systems are excellent for renovation projects and offer several advantages:

  • Clear energy and cost savings
  • The high value of thermal insulation of our windows already meets the requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance 2014.
  • Modern, elegant design
  • Features that can be customized to individual styles and needs. You can choose between wood decor, a wide range of solid color profiles to a top-notch aluminum look or aluminum trim.

You can calculate the financial savings when replacing windows with our energy saving calculator.

There are KfW-Bank grants for many renovation projects. Read more about it.

You can find the right window system for your building with individual and sophisticated design options in our product overview. Our window experts will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of equipping your home with new windows.

Download PDF file. You can find more information about window renewal hereor seek professional advice from Deceuninck partners.

With our color and window configurator you can design your new facade.