Burglary protection / Importance of adequate window protection

Insulation and security are central themes related to windows and doors. Even the financial value of the household is not in the foreground – burglary is an invasion of privacy, and the feeling of security, privacy and freedom in one’s own home disappears after the burglary. Although the number of burglaries has decreased in the last ten years, the police still often report them. Since a large number of burglaries in apartments and houses take place through the window, for this reason, anti-burglary protection of windows is important during the construction, and at the latest during the modernization of the house.


Anti-burglary protection of windows on the ground floor is of utmost importance

Security protection on windows and doors

At first glance, the numbers look scary. According to the statistics of the criminal police from 2012. in homes across Germany until 2012. 144,117 burglaries were reported, meaning that burglary occurred on average every fourth minute. For those who have been robbed, this means not only the loss of valuables but also significant damage as many burglaries are associated with destruction and devastation. An additional problem is the loss of privacy, ie the knowledge that a complete stranger could enter an apartment or house, look and look for personal belongings, which people often find much harder than financial loss. Unrest arises even if the burglaries took place at a time when the residents were not present, which very quickly turns theft into a violent crime and which poses a danger to body and soul. However, with the advent of anti-burglary protection, homeowners are no longer behaving helplessly among burglars and organized gangs. Burglar protection of windows has improved significantly in recent decades, which explains the decline in the number of burglaries. For comparison, 1993. the number of annual burglaries was almost 230,000 burglaries per year.

How to protect the household from burglary?

Burglars usually follow the line of least resistance, and windows and balcony doors become their targets. Old windows without security and with little protection, as well as statue windows, burglars can break in in just a few seconds. Although homeowners assume that only burglars will enter through doors or windows, that fact is wrong. Windows without proper burglary protection can be opened even by children and inexperienced people with small aids. It is for this reason that the police regularly give advice and hold seminars to improve the anti-burglary protection of windows and doors. For example, the police commissioner advises homeowners on appropriate protective windows and doors and makes clear the importance of safety classes. In addition, window manufacturers conduct burglary checks with the police to check the safety of windows and doors and how long they can withstand external attacks.

Weather is the most important factor that homeowners can get in relation to burglar protection of doors and windows. Many burglaries were simply stopped because the entry into the living space did not take place in a very short time. Burglars often give up burglary if they are prevented from entering through a window or door for at least three minutes.

Where is it important to have burglary protection?

Every window and door should have some protection, but there are still windows that can be particularly easy to break into. Because basement windows are often quite inconspicuous and difficult to distinguish due to their position behind the front garden or flower garden, they make a unique opportunity for burglars to break in. Many households do not have special protection on basement windows which is a big mistake. Once a burglar gains access to a house, he has a unique opportunity to steal and is relatively safe – especially in apartment buildings. But even the windows on the lower floors offer an ideal entrance for burglars, so as a rule, every easily accessible window should have adequate anti-burglary protection.

Burglar protection of windows is just as important as protection on entrance and balcony doors. Since outdated door locking mechanisms offer little resistance to burglars and the locks can be easily opened even with a screwdriver, owners should provide burglary protection on both the balcony and the rear door.

Window and door safety classes

Through detailed cooperation between window manufacturers, police and insurance companies, security classes of windows and doors have been introduced in the past. Safety classes are regulated according to DIN V ENV 1627/2011. There are six security classes for doors and windows that increase burglary protection. Resistance classes are based on resistance time and type of burglar. The simplest protection is provided by resistance class RC 1 N. Such anti-burglary window protection is suitable for windows and balcony doors in the upper floors of the house. Burglary protection refers to protection against burglary that takes place mainly by force. The highest anti-burglary protection is provided by the RC 6 resistance class.

What security does this class offer we will explain below:

Safety class RC 1 N

As already mentioned, windows and doors of this security class provide the least burglary protection. But if it is a window that is very clearly visible or a window on the upper floor, this security class will provide the necessary protection. As test burglaries have shown, windows of this security class resisted the burglar for about three minutes. However, the window is only intended against strong attempts at violence including kicks and shots, as well as an attempt to break the window. Even if the window or balcony door does not have protective glass, they can still break.

Safety class RC 2 N

This security class provides a significant increase in window protection. Although no safety glass is used, the window is fitted into the frame so it is difficult to open with simple tools within three minutes. Also, such windows are suitable for floors or windows that are well visible.

Safety class RC 2

The window burglar protection is optimized for burglary attempts and offers a resistance of about three minutes. With simple tools, such as wedges or screwdrivers, the window is difficult to open. In addition, the window panel is additionally protected. From this safety class, the legislator prescribes that instead of simple glass, safety glass is used, which consists of at least two individual plates that are interconnected by an adhesive, transparent foil. These panels are comparable to the windshield of motor vehicles and are known as laminated glass. If the perpetrator tried to hit the glass with a stone or an iron bar, the foil offers prolonged resistance which makes entry much more difficult.

Safety class RC 3

This safety class provides at least five minutes of resistance to smart and experienced violators. The window, which has safety glass and a frame, is designed to withstand an iron spring for a certain period of time.

Safety class CK 4

Windows and doors of this security class can provide a high level of burglary protection of office buildings. This resistance class ensures that an experienced offender cannot access the house within ten minutes, even though he uses heavy tools.

Safety class CK 5

Anti-burglary window protection in this safety class withstands even angle grinders or reciprocating saws with a disc diameter of 12.5 centimeters.

Safety class RC 6

These security classes are suitable for bank buildings, cash storage companies and private homes with high value assets. The security of the window withstands the constant burglary attempt with the help of heavy equipment with resistance for up to twenty minutes.

The resistance classes RC 1 N, RC 2 N and RC 2 cover approximately 85% of all types of burglary.
Therefore, windows and doors in resistance classes RC 1 N, N RC 2 and 2 are recommended for private homes. For resistance class RC 3, PVC is partially suitable. Larger resistance classes can no longer be realized with PVC systems.

The profiles of the Deceuninck system have been successfully tested for burglary at the prestigious Institute of Windows Technology (IFT) in Rosenheim. The test was conducted in collaboration with renowned hardware manufacturer Winkhaus in Telgte.

The Eforte, Prestige and Arcade systems are certified for the resistance classes RC 1 N, RC 2 N and RC 2.

Additional window and door fuses

Police recommend placing special burglary protection, especially for easily accessible windows. It can consist of a window handle that can be locked or, for balconies and garden doors, various handles that prevent the window from being opened forcibly. Such systems can be installed without replacing windows. In rented apartments where the tenant has no influence on the security of the windows, such systems can increase personal security through the subsequent installation of special locking systems.

With patio doors, homeowners should pay attention to the fact that cat doors can compromise safety. If a door can be easily opened from the outside, experienced burglars can relatively easily open such a door by means of aids. It is recommended to provide such a door with an additional locking mechanism. Of course, there are other tools that provide protection against burglary. Alarm systems are just one of many. Homeowners, tenants and tenants should also pay attention to their behavior. During the holidays, the house should not look abandoned.

Shutters with timers offer additional protection. If the blinds are lowered during the holidays, the house in the burglar’s eye looks deserted. Another way to extend your own protection is to use motion sensors connected to light sources, while basement windows are easy to secure with bars.