RAL installation

From the presentation of windows with high thermal insulation and low air permeability, the connection of elements for the building structure must be firmly made. RAL e. V. dealt intensively with this issue in 1994 as well. published a “Guide for planning and installation of windows and doors” which describes a professional and standardized connection of the building structure and windows and entrance doors. The guide is the result of RAL’s collaboration with ift Rosenheim and is considered a foundation in that industry.

Installation of windows in accordance with RAL guidelines / Definitions

The term RAL installation completely incorrectly describes the airtight installation of windows and doors. Strictly speaking, there is no RAL montage, and the term is not protected. The installation of windows and doors must always be carried out in accordance with the RAL installation guidelines because the basic content is based on DIN standards, recognized as technological rules.

RAL window quality label + installation

Serving as an additional quality label, a quality standard called “RAL window quality label + installation” was derived from the guidelines. This quality label covers the quality standard of windows and doors, as well as their installation.

Since June 2010. companies that install carpentry can apply for the RAL quality mark. Companies that carry the RAL quality label meet certain groups of standards from the guidelines. These companies employ only trained employees, document the correct implementation of the installation and voluntarily pass inspections by neutral and accredited institutes, such as ift Rosenheim.

Companies wishing to apply for the RAL quality label must meet the following conditions:

  • Description of the installation system with connection examples
  • Hiring an installation supervisor
  • In-house training of employees working on installation
  • External installation supervision
  • Final drawings of the building with installation details
  • Use of appropriate installation materials
  • Checking and documenting the quality of work by the installation manager on the construction site
  • Random inspection and documentation by a quality company assembly manager
  • Quality control and testing through external ift control RosenheimIn this way, the RAL quality label offers users a reliable quality standard, and guarantees consistency from material quality, through production, to installation.

For more detailed information, visit the website of the RAL Institute, the Association for Windows and Facades or Deceuninck’s partners.