Types of PVC windows

Deceunink window profiles allow different types of PVC windows with different types of openings – from classic rotating statue windows through various sliding systems for terrace doors, all the way to special purposes such as waterproof basement windows. Almost all types of PVC windows are possible, but the types of opening as well as the types of windows must be distinguished among the terms. The term “” type of window “” refers to the basic features, ie applications of one type of window, while the term “” type of opening “” means various opening mechanisms that depend on the individual window. For example, a sliding window may exist in several opening mechanisms. For a better explanation, the differences between the different types of openings are described below, as well as a list of the main types of windows.

Opening mechanisms for common types of PVC windows

The info-graphic below shows an overview of possible opening variants for different types of PVC windows and Deceuninck system window profiles.

Explanation: The top of the triangle indicates where the window opened. The base is a representative axis of rotation. In the case of sliding windows, the element arrow indicates the corresponding direction in which the window element can be moved.

Types of PVC windows
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