What are the advantages of PVC windows?

Plastic has had a negative reputation for a long time – it was considered cheap and of poorer quality. But today it is no longer so. Plastic, especially PVC, has become one of the most important and versatile materials today. From the food and beverage industry to the automotive industry, all the way to the construction industry, plastic products are safe for the future and energy efficient.

1. PVC windows are number one in energy efficiency

The window frame plays a key role in promoting energy efficiency and energy-saving thermal insulation. Compared to aluminum or wooden windows, window profiles made of PVC have better insulating properties and thus reduce energy and heating costs. There is a particularly high potential for energy savings when using PVC window profiles made in the passive house standard. Passive house windows today can be produced very efficiently and economically, using the most modern PVC profiles and triple glazing.

2. PVC windows have a very good cost-benefit ratio

PVC windows offer significant benefits in reducing costs immediately upon purchase, but also throughout the entire life cycle. You have to pay about 20 to 30% more for wooden frames than with plastic profiles, while aluminum windows are the most expensive alternative that you will pay as much as 30% more. Thanks to the high potential for energy savings and minimal maintenance over a lifetime of more than 50 years, you can save money in the long run with PVC windows.

3. PVC windows are easy to maintain

High-quality PVC windows are extremely easy to maintain and require minimal care, while wooden windows must be glazed every two and painted every five years. The latest PVC granulate is extremely resistant to weather conditions and sunlight. A little detergent is enough to clean the windows thanks to the smooth surfaces that are easy to maintain. For more information on PVC window maintenance, see our info page for information on PVC window maintenance tips.

4. PVC windows are extremely durable

Unlike wooden windows, PVC windows have a long service life. High quality is characterized by their resistance to deformation and a high degree of functionality over the years. Due to their long service life of at least 50 years, PVC windows are an excellent investment even compared to retaining the value of the property.

5. PVC windows offer excellent ecological balance

PVC windows are 100% recyclable and therefore save resources. About 40% of all gas and oil reserves in the world are used for heating and additional energy in buildings, while only 4% goes to plastic production, of which only 1% for PVC. In addition to being recyclable, durability and low levels of pollution during the PVC production process help to achieve an excellent ecological balance and contribute to environmental protection. PVC windows are much more durable than wooden windows and have significantly lower energy consumption during production.

By founding Rewindo recycling initiatives, the PVC window sector is committed to sustainable development and increasing the recycling quota of old windows, doors and shutters to 100%, where possible. PVC is ground and with additional treatment is framed into granulate that can be reused up to seven times. Thanks to another voluntary commitment, from 2015. PVC mixture can only be produced with environmentally friendly stabilizers, therefore Deceuninck produces profiles with lead-free stabilizers.

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