Window frame material / What material is available?

In the modernization of existing buildings or in new buildings, the question arises as to which windows should be used. The question is not oriented according to the shape or design of the window but begins with the material question. Usually window frames in Germany are made of three materials: wood, plastic and aluminum. Another product, a window made of a mixture of wood and aluminum, is not currently used as often. Each material has its advantages but also disadvantages. Below we want to train you on different materials and give you guidelines to help you make a decision.

German window market for window frame materials since 2000. until 2014 year

Wooden frame / Original type of window

Since windows with glass panels are used in houses, wood is the material of the frame. Wooden window frames look very natural, and wood has excellent natural insulating properties that have proven to be positive, especially in residential buildings. The wooden window frame mainly consists of pine, oak or spruce. These three types of wood are considered robust and represent renewable sources, so wooden windows are environmentally friendly, and the material also replenishes CO2. However, wooden windows are not without their drawbacks. Because wood decomposes due to weather conditions and becomes unattractive over time, its durability is limited. In addition, the prices of wooden windows depend on the type of wood – in general, hardwood is more expensive than soft, and crucial for window prices are precisely the size and type of glazing.

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden window frames:
– Natural look
– Renewable resource
– High maintenance
– Regular painting is required
– It can swell
– In case of improper care lower durability
– Relatively high price

Plastic frame / High robustness, individual appearance and ease of care

Since the advent of plastic window frames, this type of window has replaced wooden windows in many places. Several factors are crucial for the choice of plastic frame, and in addition to the affordable window prices, such windows are very durable.

Window frames are made of high quality PVC, which significantly affects their longevity. In addition, plastic windows can be optimally combined with security measures and can be made in almost any shape and size. Plastic frames are relatively light and accessible even for large windows.

The biggest advantage of PVC window profiles in relation to aluminum or wooden windows is the better value of insulation, which reduces energy and heating costs. Special foils enable the design of plastic window frames in many colors, so that they fit perfectly into the facade of the house. But even plastic windows have drawbacks. Artificial material, unlike wooden windows, does not improve the living environment. Although the frame is very light, dirt can be clearly seen on the plastic, thus reducing the optics. Nevertheless, plastic frames are considered extremely easy to maintain because they do not require special protection, and painting is unnecessary.

Advantages and disadvantages of plastic window frames:

+ Very durable – up to 50 years of life
+ Low maintenance
+ Very good insulation properties
+ Available in various forms
+ Frame available in different window colors
+ Light weight
+ Easy to clean
+ Low price
+ 100% recyclable and good resources
– Bright frames get dirty easily
– It is not a natural raw material

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Aluminum frame / Rare choice

Aluminum is another option for window frames, but due to the high cost of windows, it is very rarely used in private constructions. A significant advantage of the material is its durability – aluminum is resistant to weather conditions and does not rust, however, it can be significantly cooled and heated, which significantly reduces the insulating properties. Aluminum frames are especially popular for large and modern window facades where low material weight is used as a criterion. Maintenance of the aluminum frame refers to cleaning with water and other household means.

The advantages and disadvantages of aluminum window frames are as follows:

+ Long-term durability
+ Low maintenance
+ Modern look
+ Feasible thin views
+ Available in almost all colors
– High window costs
– Comparably poorer insulating properties
– Risk of corrosion, e.g. in buildings near the sea

Aluminum strips with a combination of several materials

Wooden and plastic windows can be combined with aluminum strips that are attached to the outside of the window frame, thus achieving the classic look of an aluminum window with higher insulating values of wood or plastic. In addition, the window frame is protected from the weather, which reduces maintenance effort, especially in wooden frames. Another advantage is that they can be used in almost all colors, just to your liking!

Another advantage is that they can be used in almost all colors, just to your liking!

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Which window should I choose?

Which window frames should decorate your new home depends solely on your own preferences. What makes plastic window frames a favorite is their low maintenance, relatively low window prices, and the ability to choose window frames to decorate a new home. The fact is that the window frames are tailored to your own needs as they offer significant advantages. The use of foil frames allows PVC to use the look of natural wooden windows. The environmental aspect also plays an important role. Plastic windows are completely artificially produced, but the material used is 100% recyclable and will be fully utilized after the windows are replaced. Usually the material can be processed up to ten times.

However, the decision on which window frame to use is the decision of the homeowner. An extensive comparison of windows allows a very good comparison of the positive properties and effects of individual windows. It is advisable to look at the different types of frames in place before making an actual decision, get enough data and compare window prices.

Long-term thinking

Understandably, you will first pay attention to pricing when choosing new window frames. However, it should be borne in mind that investing in high quality and durable windows is a long-term investment. If the window frames have a good frame insulation value and triple glazing, energy costs are sustainably reduced. High-quality materials ensure that windows do not have to be replaced for years. All of these items should be considered at the end and they should be included in the window price comparison. Practice has shown that investing in high-quality and durable window frames involves more savings than when choosing cheaper windows.