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Garage Doors – Everything you need to know

In this blog we will bring you closer and explain in detail the garage doors and everything you need to know about them. As one essential segment of every home, the right choice of garage door is crucial in the ultimate look of your home.

Garage doors contribute to aesthetics

Garage doors are part of the facade of your house, as is the front door. Since the facade is something that contributes to aesthetics, you need to choose a beautiful design, as well as the color of the garage door.

Garage Doors - Everything you need to know

Types of garage doors

There are several types of garage doors:

  • Swing garage door
  • Sectional garage doors
  • Rolling garage doors
  • Side sectional garage door

Swing doors

The swing-out garage door opens outwards and stops under the garage ceiling. They are recognizable by quality and safety first of all, and then a beautiful and modern look.

Garage Doors - Everything you need to know

Sectional doors

Sectional garage doors are upper and side. When opened, they do not take up space in front of the garage, so they are an ideal solution where there is a lack of space in the driveway. Sectional doors also work well in garages that face the street directly. They are also much stronger than front doors, which is why they are worth installing in heated garages. Sectional doors can also be used in openings with arched lintels.

Garage Doors - Everything you need to know

Rolling doors

Rolling garage doors are like roller shutters on windows and take up quite a bit of space. They are very practical to use, but not all manufacturers offer them. Rolling doors are purchased together with the electric drive.

Garage Doors - Everything you need to know

Side garage door

Side garage doors as such have many advantages. Thanks to the side opening, they leave a lot of space under the garage ceiling. You can use that space, for example, to store things. They also allow quick access to the garage or quick opening.

Garage Doors - Everything you need to know

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