You are currently viewing PVC profile Inoutic Eforte with ALU coating

PVC profile Inoutic Eforte with ALU coating

The aluminum cover of the Inoutic Eforte window profile gives a true aluminum look with joined corners without sacrificing the benefits of energy-saving PVC windows. The aluminum cover can be designed in almost any color according to your needs.

Features of PVC profile Inoutic eforte

Innovative aluminium-look foil decor can be used as an alternative. Combined with anthracite-coloured window profiles. Your PVC windows look attractively similar to aluminium windows and blend harmoniously into the overall architectural look of your property.

PVC profile


Standard triple glazing 4 + 16 + 4 + 16 + 4 low argon, with the possibility of installing another combination of triple glazing according to your needs, maximum thickness up to 56 mm.


The most effective and durable protection that strengthens the construction and durability of PVC profiles. Aluminum is protected by anodizing and powder coating.


We use triple sealing rubber, made of EPDM material. Which has good resistance to temperature differences and is resistant to acrylic coatings.

PVC profile

Modern design

Flat, offset design with external profiles in a mutual position for maximum light and higher solar gains.


The Eforte window profile system is especially focused on modern thermal insulation. Because it is one of the biggest challenges of our time. At a profile depth of 84 mm, the Eforte system with traditional steel reinforcement and without additional insulation measures achieves excellent values that exceed the passive house standard.

Optimal Uf value of 0.95 W / m²K. The current requirements of the Energy and Value Saving Ordinance for KfW subsidies can easily be met. The passive house standard (Uw ,8 0.8 W / m²K) can also be applied extremely cost-effectively with normal triple glazing.

The Eforte energy-saving window was the only system with conventional steel reinforcement and without additional insulation measures that was certified by the internationally renowned Institute of Window Technology as suitable for passive houses.

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